Conan O’Brien Announced Some Huge Guests For His Upcoming ‘Conan: Made In Mexico’ Episode

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Conan is gearing up for his big Without Borders: Made In Mexico special on March 1st, when he will rent out a studio in Mexico, hire an all Mexico crew to staff the shoot, and welcome only Mexican guests to his stage in front of a studio audience made up of only Mexican citizens. So with only a few weeks to go until the big night he finally announced some of the big names joining him on the couch as he attempts to heal US-Mexico relations with comedy and his signature Conan snark.

What big names they are too! None other than former Mexican President Vincente Fox will be appearing, as well as Star Wars star Diego Luna, who is sure to make some hearts in the audience flutter – especially if he shows up with his now-signature floppy hair swoop. In the announcement, Conan also once again references the immigration policies and tension between Trump and former President Fox. Hopefully things go well and the show goes off without a hitch, or at least better than Conan and his crew being the “Goodwill Ambassadors of Stupidity,” as sidekick Andy Richter put it.

The show airs Wednesday, March 1st at 10pm.