Conan Has No Trouble Making A Fool Of Himself In A Professional Dance Class

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Conan’s second New York show took him back to the streets, but this time in search of some dance. He visited The Ailey School of Dance and got a chance to “master” their form of dance, gangly frame and all. It’s ready-made to be a goofy looking disaster, which is usually a lot of fun for Conan. Old timey hats and canes, zero tolerance judgment with only a smidge of power, and crushing reality in the face of professionals. It’s a Conan standard.

Is it Conan at the Taco Bell laboratory or Civil War baseball? No. But give him a skin-tight outfit or a chance to play teacher and he can make something happen. He can’t dance, but he can certainly make comedy happen. Once the professionals start dancing, you know Conan is going to be forced to counter with some equally professional comedy.

Conan then invites some of the troupe back to the Apollo for a short performance, showing just how much their preparation pays off. There’s a lot of bending and movement that I doubt most people could just right off the street. Unless those people were Channing Tatum and his crew. That’s a group that I wouldn’t want to mess with or challenge in a dance contest. Toss in Omarion and the death of Lil’ Saint and it’s basically going to be pandemonium in that fancy dance school. With Conan as the MC.

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