Conan O’Brien Is Taking His Show All The Way To South Korea

02.11.16 3 years ago

Conan O’Brien probably has the best job in the world. Being a late-night host to begin with seems like a pretty choice gig. All you have to do is crack a few jokes, shoot the bull with famous people, and occasionally maintain a brave face while holding the odd tarantula. But Conan’s got it best: While the likes of Jimmy Fallon and James Corden are syncing their lips and karaoke-ing their cars, the lankiest man in late night gets to cosplay Fury Road‘s “Coma the Doof Warrior” and cavort off to Cuba for a special episode just because he feels like it.

The latest cool thing that the ginger-headed beanpole will take on is another trip for a remotely shot special, this time to Seoul, South Korea. In the video embedded above, Conan provides a little background, explaining that one of his most devoted fans spent all her time watching clips of his late-night bits on YouTube instead of preparing for the thing they take in South Korea instead of the SATs (which I have to imagine is much, much worse). When the girl mailed him a box packed with local delicacies, Conan decided it’d only be polite to go thank her in person, and take in some of the local sights while he’s around. Conan made this announcement during last night’s show on TBS, warning viewers that he’d be off the air next week and then back with an embedded report from South Korea the following week. It’s no secret that Conan enjoys going places he ought not to — his was the first late-night TV crew to shoot in Havana following the lift of the U.S.-Cuba embargo first established in 1962. Some manner of shenanigans at the border with North Korea seems all but inevitable. Hopefully, Conan knows how to play it cool, considering what a good sense of humor Kim Jong-un had about The Interview.

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