Conan O’Brien Addresses Accusations That He Fathered An Illegitimate Child

A couple of days ago, Gregory Keating — who bears a striking resemblance to Conan O’Brien, and who claims that he was conceived while his mother was working three stories above the Late Night studios in 1993 — suggested that Conan O’Brien was his illegitimate father. The evidence was strongly compelling. In addition to the location, his mother had apparently been fired from her job — in a position with NBC — after she got pregnant. Most importantly, Keating’s style of dancing also bears a striking resemblance to the way in which Conan dances, which is a far more telling marker than actual DNA evidence.

The evidence was so overwhelming, in fact, that Conan felt it necessary to address the accusations before it spiraled into a real scandal that might threaten to take down the O’Brien empire he’s built over on TBS. After presumably consulting with agents and PR professionals, Conan took to Twitter to officially refute the scurrilous accusations.

Whew! Well, thank God that’s settled. Ronan Farrow retweeted the tweet, which is all the confirmation I need. Case closed, crisis averted.

Seriously, though, it is insane how much that kid looks like Conan.