Watch Conan O'Brien Cover Elvis' 'Hard-Headed Woman' And Have Your Day Improved

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05.01.13 2 Comments

In my play-by-play of Conan’s final show in Atlanta, I made mention of how he closed the audience-only portion by regaling us with a made up song. The fun, non-threatening reminder that the nicest guy in entertainment is better at everything than everyone else made the whole experience for me personally. You see, I know what it’s like for your musical talents to go overlooked because you have a six pack that makes Jeff Goldblum swoon (confession: I do not know what that is like).

With all that in mind I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention that Conan and The Basic Cable Band closed last night’s show with a lively good times cover of Elvis’s “Hard-Headed Woman.” I have no idea why they chose to tribute The King on Willie Nelson’s birthday — maybe the song is just one of Coco’s favorites — but it is pretty wonderful and I see no way it doesn’t improve your Wednesday.

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