Conan’s Latest Showdown With Jordan Schlanksy Turns Into The Funniest Episode Of ‘Hoarders’ Ever

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01.10.14 12 Comments

One of Conan O’Brien’s longest-running and finest gags is his constant clashing with his pretentious associate producer, Jordan Schlansky. The bit goes back to his Late Night days (see their first three segments together) and has continued to escalate on Conan. Last year alone, O’Brien hilariously confronted Schlansky about his elitist espresso machine and inability to show up to work on time, and even tried to furlough Jordan during the government shutdown.

In their latest showdown, Conan finally gets fed up with Jordan’s filthy office and calls in a professional organizer to help cut down on the clutter. It’s like an episode of Hoarders, with the added benefit of Conan mocking all of the ridiculous junk lying around (and without all the dead cats).

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