Conan O’Brien Will Enjoy The ‘Peace’ Of The Middle East When He Takes His Show To Israel In September

Aside from teasing the idea of participating in one of The Chris Gethard Show‘s greatest ideas ever, one of the best parts of Conan O’Brien’s TBS program is his penchant for travel. Otherwise known as Conan Without Borders, the former Late Night and The Tonight Show host has taken his late night series across the planet a whopping six times during the past two years. His most recent trip, Conan Without Borders: Mexico, offered English- and Spanish-language audiences a beautifully hilarious critique of President Donald Trump’s debilitating relationship with the United States’ southern neighbor.

On September 19th at 10pm ET, O’Brien may accomplish precisely that with America’s longtime Middle Eastern ally Israel. Between Trump’s leaking of classified Israeil intelligence to Russia and his administration’s broken promise regarding relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the countries’ relationship has become rather fraught. Cue O’Brien, who told his audience on Wednesday that “due to all the division and hatred in this country right now, I’ve decided to leave America for the relative peace, quiet, and sanity of the Middle East.” While his audience laughed, O’Brien continued: “That’s right, I’m going to Israel.”

“I may be in Israel the same week as President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who’s been sent there to broker a Middle East solution,” the Conan host quipped. “Well, it occurred to me Kushner and I have the same amount of experience with foreign relations. I may actually have more experience, so maybe I’ll work with the guy.” Of course, whether O’Brien and his team will receive the same international reception as Radiohead did remains to be seen, but judging by the previous travel specials’ record, Conan Without Borders: Israel is bound to please just about everyone. (Except for Kushner, of course.)