Conan O’Brien Visited E3 And Had A Sexier Time Than Anyone Else

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It’s become an annual tradition for Conan O’Brien to make the trip to Las Vegas to bond with — and mercilessly mock — his nerd brethren at video game conference E3. Last year the king of the remote segment memorably tried to weigh in on the great console debate of 2013. This year, he tested the year’s hottest titles and gaming innovations, including Sunset Overdrive and Forza 5 — the latter of which made him so nervous that he began screaming a fake German anthem. We’ve all been there.

Things eventually got creepily sexy, but not before Conan spent considerable time breaking down the outfits of conference participants, mocking the laziness of virtual reality (before enjoying it a little too much), and connecting with game developers with engaging quips like: “I haven’t understood a word that you’ve said since I met you.”

(Via Team Coco)