Conan’s Wishes For Oculus Rift Lovemaking Are Dashed Again In A Ridiculous ‘Clueless Gamer’

Something happens to Conan O’Brien when he puts on a VR headset — he can’t help himself. He just wants to make virtual love. Every time Clueless Gamer has a segment featuring VR, at least 20% of it is Conan wishing and yearning for a sex simulation while co-host Aaron Bleyaert inches away from him. It’s entertaining and uncomfortable.

And while the latest Clueless Gamer, featuring Oculus Rift horror game Wilson’s Heart, adds to Conan’s ever-growing library of hilarious hopes for digital sex, it really just comes down to throwing clipboards. Who knew casually tossing aside a clipboard could be so damn funny? This is exactly why VR is great.

It might say a lot about Conan that he’s drooling for a digital sexual partner one second then totally satisfied by throwing unlimited clipboards to the floor the next, but I’m no psychiatrist. All I know is that it’s funny.

Let’s take a look at this Wilson’s Heart.

It seems like VR is getting better each passing day, while still being unable to get past the clunky mechanics that have plagued gameplay for the last two or so years. Hopefully, developers can innovate so Conan can continue dropping clipboards and hoping for sexy times in the best ways possible.