Conan Provides Proof That Jason Schwartzman Would've Made The Worst 'Thor' Imaginable

12.31.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Jason Schwartzman stopped by Conan earlier this month to do some promotion and talk about his numerous doppelgangers. I’m assuming that’s when he shot this web exclusive that features his failed screen test for Thor: The Dark World and proof once and for all that he is the girliest man alive.

Horse hair allergies, a comical giant hammer and all the weakness jokes you can handle. That’s what this video has to offer. For my money, I’d rather watch SNL’s failed Star Wars screen tests over and over again instead. Mostly because Kevin Spacey’s Jack Lemmon impression is fantastic. Team Coco will do in a pinch though.

(Lead image via Team Coco)

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