Conan O'Brien Plays Horror Games In The Dark For A Halloween Edition Of Clueless Gamer

Conan O’Brien is back for a Halloween edition of his ongoing (and awesome) Clueless Gamer segments on Conan. For this video, Conan and Aaron Bleyaert shut off the lights and play three horror themed PC games of increasing goriness: Slender (based on The Slender Man), Amnesia, and Outlast.

He’s the most disappointed in Slender, asking, “Is this a European game? Because Europeans — man they blow sometimes.” They gloss over Amnesia quickly and spend most of the video on the gory and genuinely creepy Outlast.

But let’s be real. The most horrifying thing about this video isn’t the games. It’s seeing ginger Conan O’Brien through a night-vision lens. Terrifying.

(H/T: Team Coco)

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