Conan Gives ‘Star Wars’ Supporting Characters Some Spotlight With Some Special Guests

Entertainment Writer

A slew of guest stars, including T.J. Miller, Ron Funches, and Aisha Tyler, join Conan and Andy Richter in opening up the host’s Star Wars special. All of your favorite supporting characters make a return, lamenting their absence from The Force Awakens in a diner while sharing some jealously against Chewbacca in his corner booth. Dengar, Jango Fett, Oola the slave dancer, and Lando Calrissian all swap banter, while Bib Fortuna awkwardly tries to fit in.

Then Lobot shows up and boy, he’s a d*ck. Conan plays Lobot like that guy from high school who couldn’t get the clue that everybody hated him (I very well could’ve been that guy and still am), cracking wise about the group and attempting to buddy up next to Chewbacca and his lady.

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