Conan Is Probably A Little Too Confident About Playing The Rock’s ‘Rampage’ Stunt Double

Conan has trained with Gal Gadot in the past, kidnapped Tom Cruise in London, and even likes to play around with stunts on his stage from time to time. But this showcase with The Rock might be one of the more physical things he’s had to do on the show. Dwayne Johnson doesn’t get his hands on Conan or anything, but he does let Conan stand in and take the brunt of all the stunt props swung by his friend in the ape costume. He also has to put up with The Rock’s quips and insults throughout, pretty much making Conan into the most bullied talk show host since Tom Snyder thought he could start a fight club in the CBS basements.

It’s a funny segment, though. Especially once Conan starts in to convince Johnson that he’s practically a perfect copy of the former pro wrestler and when he tries to pitch a few more ideas for movies they could do together. The best might be this Simon & Garfunkel movie based on the imagery alone:


Of course, The Rock didn’t have to look too far for his real stunt double. His cousin has done the job for the past 13 years and they probably look a little closer than The Rock does with Conan. Even with the bald cap, Coco still has a little bulking up to do.

(Via Team Coco)