Consider Yourself Roasted, '2 Broke Girls'

03.19.12 7 years ago 15 Comments

The lazy jokes and casual racism that fuel “2 Broke Girls” have been discussed ad nauseum. They’re bad even for a CBS show, which is saying something. This is the network that brought us “Rob” (“Aren’t people with accents weird and hilarious?”) and “Two and a Half Men” (“Can you believe the sex thing I just did or said and also did someone fart LOL [laugh track].”) And, if you recall, the show’s co-creator isn’t exactly apologetic about any of it.

That’s why I love this parody trailer (NSFW audio). I’ve read high-minded takedowns of the show that discuss the way it perpetuates a ton of negative stereotypes, I’ve heard comedians complain about the way it continues to dumb down the viewing audience rather than challenge anyone, and I myself have bemoaned the way this kind of show can bring in ratings that far better comedies would need mind-enhancing drugs to even think about. This video does none of that. It takes aim and kicks the show square in the nuts. Sometimes that’s much more satisfying.

Buzzfeed via Reddit

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