‘Constantine’ Could Make An Unexpected Return To Television In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

Ever since NBC gave the cancellation axe to Constantine, fans have tried to find ways to revive the series through various avenues, including petitions and pleas to other networks to pick up the series. Thanks to this level of interest, Matt Ryan was able to portray the lead character in a recent episode of Arrow on the CW. It also seems that there could be plans for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow television series to have a rotating cast roster, which will change season by season as each mission varies. (In many ways, this is the same narrative structure as the animated Justice League Unlimited.) Rumor has it that Ryan’s John Constantine character could appear as a series regular in the second season that would air in 2017.

Before Constantine fans begin to rejoice and do backflips of joy, there are reports from sources that claim that the series is incredibly expensive to produce. No one knows if the show will make it past one season or if it will be scrapped and replaced by something else entirely. So, as of right now, any casting discussion and rumors about Ryan playing Constantine in the second season remain just rumors.

However, it would be incredibly rewarding to see Matt Ryan portray the chain-smoking John Constantine once again.

(Via Bleeding Cool)