Convicted Felon Wants Custody Of His Daughter Because Her Mom Put Her On 'Toddlers & Tiaras'

PRELIMINARY NOTE: This story depresses me to no end, so instead of looking for a picture of any of the people or things involved, I have decided to post a screencap from Purple Rain of Prince riding a motorcycle in a purple leather suit.

Maddy Jackson became one of the more popular contestants on Toddlers & Tiaras last season after she appeared on stage in a Dolly Parton costume, complete with large fake breasts. I hate everything about that sentence. Fortunately, so did Maddy’s father, Bill Verst, who is now seeking custody of her to prevent her mother from continuing to “sexualize and exploit her.” Unfortunately, Verst is a convicted felon who is on probation for DUI and child endangerment. So, there’s that.

Lindsay says that the judge in their custody battle is ignoring the fact that Bill is a convicted felon and is on probation for DUI and child endangerment and that the court appointed psychologist is going to turn custody over to him.

“It is my right to put my child in pageants, it is just like any other extracurricular activity like soccer or gymnastics or football,” she says. “It is not illegal to do pageants, it is a hobby that we participate in and the government cannot tell me that I can’t put my daughter in pageants.” [Radar Online]

To recap: This girl’s mother considers dressing her daughter up like a buxom country singer — padding the bra she does not yet wear — and having her strut around a stage on television in front of a group of hypercritical creeps who will judge her based on her looks to be the same thing as participating in a sport like youth soccer, where she would actually get exercise and learn the importance of teamwork, and the only alternative we have is a dude who was convicted of child endangerment.

I think you see why I led with Prince.

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