Corgi Friday: A Clean Dog Is a Happy Dog

This video of a corgi being vacuumed has been everywhere this week, and justifiably so. I mean, it is a video of a corgi being vacuumed for Chrissake. That’s good Internetting right there, people. The only annoying thing about this video is that I had to wait until today to post it, even though it’s been burning a hole in my Bookmarks since the middle of the week. Them’s the breaks, I guess.

As a little background, the corgi in the video is named Corbin, and he has his own subdomain on my favorite corgi Tumblr, Corgi Addict. If you go to Corbin’s website, you will find a bunch of pictures of Corbin with his owner, who, for the record, is not an unattractive young woman. I had originally intended to save a ton of pictures from the site and run them as a giant slideshow that would get a million click$, but then two things happened: 1) The video’s popularity has resulted in most of the pictures on the site being unavailable due to exceeded bandwidth, and; 2) Earlier this afternoon something came up that completely derailed my day. What, you ask? Oh nothing, just this:

My entire body is full of exclamation points.