Corgi Friday: Attention Rich People

This is a $3,000 corgi decanter. I’m not exactly sure who buys a $3,000 corgi decanter. I mean, it’s such an insanely targeted demographic they’re shooting at here. You have to (a) really, really like corgis, (b) be the type of person who uses a decanter, and (c) have 3,000 VERY disposable dollars laying around. If you do happen to fit in all those categories, however, then I suggest you also pick up a few $300 corgi tumblers as well. It’s important to accessorize.

The decanter and tumbler are part of Asprey’s Diamond Jubilee collection, which makes perfect sense because my best guess is that they’re hoping the Queen of England will buy dozens of them and give them out as gifts to confused relatives and other European monarchs. That lady LOVES corgis. Did you know the Queen has owned over 30 of them in her lifetime? That’s a lot of dogs.

Anyway, I suppose there’s only one way to end a post about a $3,000 corgi decanter and $300 corgi tumblers, so let’s go ahead and do that.

Thanks to Colleen for the tip