Corgi Friday: Best of Tumblr Edition

04.08.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

It was a big week for us corgi fans. As you internet denizens may have seen, Jezebel had a cats versus dogs bracket, in which our beloved corgis — the dog bracket winner — faced off against the cat champion: tuxedo cats. Corgis took home 51% of the vote — on a women’s blog, mind you — thus determining that dogs are better than cats (true) and that corgis are a worthy champion for their species (also true). Of course, the voting may be skewed: everyone who loves dogs told all their friends to go vote, whereas cat lovers voted once and then wondered what it would be like to have friends.
Moving on: as many of you know, I struggle with an addiction to Tumblr, and today’s Corgi Friday reflects that. What follows are all the corgi pictures I’ve given a “like” to on Tumblr for the past week. And man oh man, was it a good week for corgi pics. Click through to brighten your day — you don’t want to miss the corgi sleepover.

(via Bunny Food)

(via Bunny Food)

(Daily Corgi via Bunny Food)

This adorable Asian baby and corgi have appeared on Corgi Friday before. Here’s the flickr gallery where you can find more of them.
(sofapizza via cooldogs)

(reddit via F Yeah Corgi)

(Corgi Addict)

Note: this is Waldo Corgi from the Halloween edition of Corgi Friday.
(MyCorgi via F Yeah Corgi)

(Daily Squee via Dogs Wearing Glasses)

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