Corgi Friday Bonus: CORGIWATCH

10.15.10 12 Comments

DG here with BONUS TV-RELATED Corgi Friday.

EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WATCH THIS VIDEO. It is my masterpiece. I know I know, I say that every time I make a video, but trust me on this one. I’ve taken clips from the myriad of water-related corgi videos featured on Corgi Friday, and cut them into the theme from “Baywatch.”   We’ve got Corgi Flop, Corgi Flop 2, and my own Epic Corgi video from a few weeks back, all mixed in with the 90s greatest collection of flotation devices and man meat. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Seriously, someone give me a sticker.

In closing, three things:

1) The scientists who invented the Internet as a tool to connect the masses — while vastly improving global communication and efficiency — must be so disappointed with what it’s become: a conduit for porn and dog videos. (Note: Not always mutually exclusive.)  Whatever.  SUCK IT, NERDS. (*finds nearest person wearing glasses, stuffs them in locker*)

2) If I spent anywhere near the amount of time I spend making these videos on, like, studying and stuff, I might actually get a job as a lawyer and not end up paying off my loans by giving handjobs next to the freeway.  (Which is presently how I pay for cable.  You can see my dilemma).

3) These dog videos better start getting me laid soon.

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