Corgi Friday: California Governor Jerry Brown Has The Right Idea

We are only a few days from Election Day, and politicians all over the country are pulling out all the usual stops to swing voters in their favor: personal appearances, attacks ads, robocalls, interviews with influential members of the news media, sending out supporters to spread the word door-to-door, celebrity endorsements, sky-writing (probably), etc. California governor Jerry Brown, on the other hand, is taking a more unique approach: He sent his dog on a 30-city tour to rally the troops.

With polls showing voter sentiment sharply divided over Proposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown will unleash his “secret weapon” Friday when he campaigns in San Diego for his proposed tax increases.

Sutter, the governor’s Pembroke Welsh corgi, will visit volunteers at phone banks in San Diego in the morning and Chula Vista in the afternoon. Volunteers who show up to work at a phone bank at the pooch’s tour stops will get a limited edition Sutter Brown trading card as a souvenir.

“We’re unleashing our cutest and cuddliest secret weapon out into the field,” said Tenoch Flores, communications director for the California Democratic Party. “Across the state, Californians are lending a hand, and in some cases a paw, to the effort to pass Proposition 30 to stop the cuts to education.” [San Diego 6]

I’ll tell you what, guys, it sounds to me like he’s really barking up the right tree with this strategy. After all, paw-litics is a ruff business.