Corgi Friday Gets Dressed Up!

10.07.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

Casual Friday? Hell naw. Corgi Friday dressed up for you, baby. I present you with a collection of corgis wearing neck ties. These dogs are straight-up DAPPER MOFOS. Girl, you better go back into the bedroom and put on a dress and heels if you want to walk these corgis.
Also, rather than citing each individual source for every picture, I’m just going to make a blanket list of sources up front. The pictures that follow come to you via poopster, corgi addict, kikcorgi, corgis-everywhere, Sugoi Kuma, bunny food, corgis inspired by corgis, charlestonchewbearz, and washthecorgi. They are all excellent corgi-centric or corgi-heavy blogs, and you should follow them if you enjoy Corgi Friday.
And who doesn’t enjoy Corgi Friday? Terrorists, that’s who.

This picture has traveled far and wide on the internet, but the savvy caption came from our own RoboPanda, as you can tell from the very small Gamma Squad watermark.
Seriously, this dog owns more ties than I do.
Frankly, I prefer “Inspector Spacetime.”
Business Corgi has been around before; you may remember his from this edition of Corgi Friday. I think he kinda looks like Donald Trump.
By the way, I posted this on the Warming Glow Facebook page earlier this week, so if you haven’t already done so, you should go there and like the page to get bonus corgis in your feed.

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