Corgi Friday: Happy National Puppy Day!

When I first heard today was National Puppy Day, I was predictably excited. The holiday is not only a celebration of how great puppies are in general (for the record, they are T—H—I—S great), but also a way to raise awareness about puppy mills and orphaned puppies around the world. (More info here.) The only bone I have to pick with the situation is that National Puppy Day is not recognized as official national holiday — fireworks, barbecues, a three-day weekend, a puppy parade, etc. The whole thing is a disgrace and I won’t stand for it. WHAT DO WE WANT? FOR NATIONAL PUPPY DAY TO BE OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? PREFERABLY BY NEXT YEAR AT THE LATEST!

To commemorate such a special day, I have gone back through the Corgi Friday archives for the past few months and collected the best pictures of puppies. Also, I have posted a video I made for the site in September 2010 — back when the word “epic” didn’t make me want to dump a full cup of coffee on my keyboard every time I saw it — of puppies playing in an emptied out kiddie pool and falling down a slide. I think it’s an appropriate tribute to a special day.