Corgi Friday: Here Is A Dog On A Slide, Say Goodbye To Your Productivity

09.28.12 7 years ago 12 Comments

Here is the deal.

The two GIFs at the bottom of this post will officially take your productivity for the rest of the day — and, therefore, since it is Friday, the rest of your week as well — and throw it straight into the toilet. That’s just a fact. They’re that hypnotic. For this reason, I strongly advise that you not look at them until you’re at a point when you can safely put your feet up and enjoy them. I mean, what if the Joint Chiefs of Staff are UPROXX readers? (NOTE: I choose to believe they are.) They could accidentally stumble upon these GIFs during a short break, and then BOOM that’s it the country is vulnerable to attack. Those commie bastards over in Russia could be launching bombs toward Mt. Rushmore 30 at a time, and our military leadership would be huddled around a government-issued laptop inside the war room watching a dog go up and down a slide for hours on end, putting millions of American lives at risk. We just can’t have that. No sir. Not today. Not on my watch.

So, instead, in an effort to preserve our democracy and the fate of the free world, what I have done is posted a still frame at the top of the page, and saved the GIFs for after the jump. YOU AND YOUR COMRADES WON’T TAKE US DOWN TODAY, MR. KHRUSHCHEV.

Corgis-Everywhere via Pleated Jeans

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