Corgi Friday: I’m on a Boat!

This picture of a scared corgi on a boat has made the rounds on the Internet — I’ve used it for Photoshop fun here and here — but it was originally posted on MyCorgi back in May of 2010 (the corgi’s name is Remy, for what it’s worth).
Between Remy and an established history of water-borne corgi cuteness (see here and here), I was inspired to compile this collection of corgis on boats. I’m not going to lie to you: it’s FANTASTIC. If I were the captain of a Navy ship, I would have at least three or four corgis on board, and I’d make them wear little sailor hats and sit in the captain’s chair. Morale would skyrocket. Anchors a-woof!

Sources: most of these photos come from either MyCorgi or corgiaddict.


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