Corgi Friday: In Memoriam

A few weeks ago, Warming Glow reader Justine sent me this email:

My boyfriend, Jason loved corgis. At first, I will admit that I was not the biggest fan of corgis. Jason was set on changing my mind. Every Friday (and a few other days in the week) he would send me Corgi Friday pictures from Warming Glow. He would comment on every picture saying “why do you hate a cute little face like this?” and “please buy me and give me to your boyfriend!” This became a little tradition between the two of us. Eventually, after countless emails & endless walks around Manhattan searching for at least one corgi (Manhattan is not big on corgis!) I caved and realized the big-bellied, tiny-legged furballs were actually pretty cute.

Jason died unexpectedly in his sleep on April 13th due to cardiac arrest. Although he has been gone since April, I have continued our tradition of “Corgi Friday” on his Facebook wall. His Mom & Dad, friends & family all comment on Corgi Friday when I post it on his wall. I think it helps a little bit with our grief because we know how much he loved loved LOVED corgis. I have not missed one Friday.

September 15th would have been his 26th birthday. I was wondering if you could please dedicate Corgi Friday on September 16th to Jason Stock.

Justine, we here at Warming Glow were saddened to hear of the tragic loss of someone so young, someone who loved corgis, and someone who was clearly cherished by you and those close to him. Below, you’ll find a special corgi video that Danger Guerrero made in remembrance of Jason. We hope it helps keep his memory alive in some small way.

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