Corgi Friday: Interview with Lobster Dog’s Owner

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I first saw Lobster Dog on February 22nd, 2010. I know the date because I posted the picture to my Facebook wall (at the time, I was unaware of the Photoshop favorite here at Warming Glow as well as FilmDrunk and With Leather. I’ve now put Lobster Dog into so many images that she turns up in Google image searches for a lot of TV shows — I assume that’s how the little guy ended up on the Huffington Post.

Except Lobster Dog — who’s also known as Red Lobster thanks to the Dogfort meme that exploded last November — isn’t a guy. She’s a bitch named Kiki, as I learned from her owner David as we traded emails this week. (I haven’t been that surprised and pleased at a gender reveal since the first time I learned that Samus Aran from Metroid was a woman.)

What follows is the interview I conducted with David, along with several photos of Kiki that are new to the Internet. Be warned: if you’re just here for the TV news, you probably don’t want to read 2000 words of guys talking about dogs.

Warming Glow: First order of business: tell me everything about Kiki. How old is she? What tricks does she know? What’s her favorite treat?

David: You’re going to have to shut me up, because I can go on about my dog all day. Her full name is Kiyohime Valentine. Kiyo and Kiki for short. Kiyohime comes from my favorite folklore, about a strong woman who shapeshifts into a dragon and melts this priest inside a bell to death. The surname Valentine also comes from my youth as a useless Japanophile, it’s the last name of the character Faye from popular anime Cowboy Bebop, which happens to contain a corgi.

She’s 3 years at the time of writing, 26 lbs. Her birthday is July 27th. She comes from both working and show class stock, so she has both ‘brains’ and the ‘beauty’ making her a fine specimen of the pembroke welsh breed. She was in a litter of 7, and one of her siblings is named is “Pepsi.”

Like most Corgis, she’s very intelligent. I took about a year off of work to train her, so she knows many commands and tricks. She’s a great performer and model, though the now famous lobster dog set might have you thinking otherwise. She’s very patient, and great around the camera.

Kiki is quite fond of the e-z cheese style peanut butter canisters, so sometimes I stuff tiny rawhides into a Kong toy, fill it with peanut butter, then freeze it. If I have to leave the house for a bit, these make for much longer entertainment than just ice cubes. She destroys most bones and pig ears, so for casual chewing I try to keep it to the stronger nylabones. I still have a toy that smells like her mom, which I bring out from time to time and she just goes nuts for it. I really need to upload some of the flashlight videos. She goes absolutely ballistic for flashlights.

Please do so. There’s a ready-made forum for their display.

I used to have a youtube channel with videos of her, a few were popular. The channel was deleted a couple years ago when I put up clips from some corgi training dvds I had bought. Originally, my flickr account was just photos of her, at one point there were over 1,000, chronicling every event of her life – until my pro account expired.

Editor’s note:

It does seem like there’s now a built in audience for her. The embrace of the Reddit community with “dogfort” and subreddit “/corgi/” makes me think there’s a venue for that. Also with the shirts that were sold to benefit corgiaid using her image. I don’t know. I should do an AMA there and gauge interest.

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