Corgi Friday Is Poppin Bottles, Y’all

Hey everybody, Danger Guerrero here. With Matt traveling, I’ve been left in charge of Corgi Friday today. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous. Unless I’m blanking on something, this is my first Corgi Friday post. I’ve contributed some videos in the past (more on that later), but never been given the full responsibility of the entire slideshow before today. Even on days that Matt handed over a full day’s duties to me, he usually assembled this post the night before and left it for me to run at some point. It’s a little like his child, so I’m both honored and stressed the butt out to have been trusted to handle such an important part of the Warming Glow catalog. Luckily the boss sent me a link to this page from Beauty In Everything, which is an absolute treasure trove of corgi pictures (originally supplied in the comments), so I think we’re gonna be all right.
Either way, please, be gentle.

Sad corgi really had his heart set on an iPad.

“Honey, look! Is that the ugliest dog you’ve ever seen, or what?”

“HeyGuysDidYouKnowDogsCanHaveADHD? IHaveADHDButItDoesn’tAffectMeThatMuchHeyWhat’sThatShinyThingMyFavoriteBandIsGirlTalkSQUIRREL!”

Well, if this picture isn’t a great excuse to repost my groundbreaking video for “Corgiwatch,” then I don’t know what is. I’m INCREDIBLY shameless.

Pop POP.

If I was in charge of Nissan’s advertising, I’d splatter this picture on every open space across the country with the caption “Good enough for a corgi.”

“Dude. You know how dandelions are yellow… but then they turn white and you blow them and those little things fly everywhere, and then there are MORE dandelions? That’s, like, the Circle of Life, you know? Whoa.”

SOURCE: Shannon Tweed left Gene Simmons for this dog immediately after seeing this picture.
BREAKING: Shannon Tweed arrested for bestiality.

Wait a second. How the hell did that get in here?

Make it work.

UGH. Get a room.

“(sigh) And just how is ‘stopping to smell the roses’ supposed to make me feel better? Flowers just provide yet another painful reminder of the canine condition. You look cute or pretty for humans, and then you’re left to die. Nietzsche was right. God is dead.”
(*listens to Morrissey, flicks cigarette*)

These two were found guilty of five counts of felony being adorable.

That duck’s WHOLE DAY is about to get ruined.

This picture is unacceptable. Get that dog a bucket of happiness to or a duck to attack immediately.

Yo dawg, I heard you like dogs. So I put a dog in your dog, dawg.