Corgi Friday: Screw the Puppy Bowl

02.03.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Lots of people asked me in the past week if I was going to repeat Matt’s feature from last year where he provided in-depth analysis of the 2011 Puppy Bowl starting lineup. The short answer is no. The long answer is also no, but for two reasons: 1) Matt already broke down the top prospects at his new SB Nation gig, and; 2) I simply will not stand for Animal Planet’s longtime practice of snubbing corgis. Not in Corgi Friday, at least.
I mean, look at that video. THIS DOG RIGHT HERE, I call him MAVERICK. You think he can’t lock down some showboat Jack Russell wide receiver? COME ON. Do you SEE that closing speed? The technique?! The fluidity in and out of his cuts?! THE TYPE OF NATURAL BALL SKILLS REMINISCENT OF A YOUNG DEION SANDERS? He’s the type of pup you could LEAVE OUT THERE ONE-ON-ONE ON AN ISLAND. He cuts the field in half! You think some Collie mix at quarterback wants to throw on him? NO WAY, JOSE. I know corgis get lumped in with the “cute” dogs, but look at that tenacity! You talk about a dog who plays the game ***THE RIGHT WAY.*** He keeps fighting until the whistle blows! A REAL HIGH-MOTOR POOCH. Showin’ real GRIT! The fact that the Puppy Bowl continues to snub good, QUALITY dogs like this calls its WHOLE VALIDITY into question. With all the hypocrisy and backroom deals that favor the glamour breeds, it might as well be the BCS.
After the jump, a bunch of football corgis. You’ll have to get your fix here until Animal Planet gets a real scouting department.
All images via My Corgi

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