Corgi Friday: This Dog Is An Arsonist

If any of you were looking for a video of a corgi going berserk, getting into a can of black spray paint, and setting his owners’ kitchen on fire while they scream a bunch of cuss words, then HOO BOY do I have some good news for you. And I also have good news for those of you who watched the video and wondered if the dog suffered any ill effects after getting covered in spray paint and causing a massive indoor fireball: he’s fine. Good news all around.

As for the rest of this week’s edition of Corgi Friday, we’ve got two important slides from around the web to get to, then a great reader submission. I say “great” because not only are the pictures and story very cool, but also because it was emailed directly to me, so I didn’t have to look all over the Internet for pictures like a schlub. This sort of thing is definitely encouraged.


Thanks to Rebecca for the tip on the video

Someone took the excellent Corgi Flop video and improved it exponentially. Immediately after seeing this GIF, I ran outside and carved “DG + THE INTERNET 4 EVA” with a heart around it into one of the trees on my street. Then I was arrested*. Turns out you can’t do that.

RELEVANT: My masterpiece: Corgiwatch. Can you believe it’s been over a year and a half since I made this video? I can not. Time flies when you’re looking at dog GIFs and getting arrested for defacing trees, I guess.

*Not really, guys.

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From reader John:

I’ve been a reader and fan of the site for a few years now, and finally felt compelled to submit something. I saw the reader’s submissions post a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to putting together a handful of pictures to send in. These are pictures of my former roommate/good friend’s fluffy corgi, Nash.

A bit of backstory: When my roommate got Nash at the end of 2010, I was unemployed for the first time since graduating college, and pretty depressed. I knew I was going to be stoked to have a new puppy keeping me company during the daytime to play with and teach tricks to. But I had no idea how amazing/absurd/hilarious corgis were, and how helping to raise the little dude would keep me in high spirits during some otherwise sh-tty times. Naturally, Corgi Friday is now one of my favorite features on the site (along with the Justified recaps with gifs and Q&A with the writers in the comments…probably my favorite TV-related content on the web).

So here are a bunch of pictures of Nash. I apologize for including so many, but I get really obnoxious when it comes with trying to pick favorite pictures of him. I figured this way you have a variety to choose from, should you want to use any. There are a few with him as a puppy, a few in costumes, and one where it looks like he’s making the Leo Inception face from that meme I used to see on FilmDrunk.



Thanks, John!

John wasn’t lying about the Leo face, y’all.