Corgi Friday: GO USA! BOO NBC!

07.27.12 6 Comments

The Olympics officially get underway tonight. Well, that’s not entirely true. The Olympics are officially getting underway right now, but NBC has decided to make the Opening Ceremony completely unavailable until tonight, meaning that in an age where technology allows us to watch live streaming video from around the world on handheld wireless devices (which is one or two steps removed from magic, at most), Americans will have to wait to watch the televised festivities on tape delay. TAPE DELAY. Even the phrase itself is horribly outdated, as though someone is recording everything onto one VHS tape and then handing it to an intern who has to physically carry it to the studio for it to be broadcast around the world. Jesus Christ, NBC. Can’t you do one thing — ONE SINGLE THING — without tripping all over your shoelaces and curb stomping yourself? Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is.
Aaaaaaanyway, here’s a video of a dog walking down the sidewalk with sunglasses on and little American flag pinwheels on his head, because USA! USA! USA! TAKE THAT, OTHER COUNTRIES. WE HAVE COOL DOGS. MIGHT AS WELL FORFEIT. JERKS. (I get really into the Olympics.)
More dogs after the jump, via Obsessive Corgi Disorder

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