‘Fairly OddParents’ Fans Are Finding Cosmo And Wanda Out In The Wild

In what will almost certainly go down as one of the weirdest things Twitter has ever been captivated by, fans of The Fairly OddParents, the long-running Nickelodeon series about an “average kid” named Timmy Turner and his two fairy godparents, are finding Cosmo and Wanda out in the wild.

On the show, which will soon begin its 10th season, Cosmo and Wanda make a habit of disguising themselves as everyday objects, so as not to be detected by other humans. But they’re easy enough to spot if you know what you’re looking for, specifically a green thing next to a pink thing (sorry, Poof, but you’re not invited). They think they’re slick, to quote the meme, but they ain’t.

If any admirers of 1990s-era Nick programming can snap a picture of a wallaby next to a steer next to a turtle next to a giant toad next to a cat who’s also a dentist, and make it go viral, then we’ll be cooking.

Twitter is really weird sometimes.

(Via BuzzFeed)