Costco Sells 14 Pounds of Guy Fieri’s Meat

Bad news: Guy Fieri has not — I repeat, NOT — been slaughtered and chopped up to be sold at Costco. The “Guy Fieri Marinated Meat Variety Pack” has 14 pounds of ribs, beef, chicken, and pork chops — but, alas, not a single ounce of Fieri’s bloody corpse.

Guy Fieri brings you his new line of ready-to-cook meats, Guy Fieris Flavortown Foods, so that you can cook like a chef for yourself, your family and friends. Big, bold, ‘off-tha-hook’ flavors on only the most choice cuts of beef, chicken and pork make cookin up a real deal meal as easy as it gets, any time, any place. [Costco via Eater]

The total price: $139.99, or about $10 per pound of meat. I would rather feed my money into a paper shredder than give it to Guy Fieri.