The Second Season Of The J.K. Simmons Double Drama ‘Counterpart’ Gets A Trailer And A Release Date

At the conclusion of its first season, the Starz spy drama Counterpart, which features two J.K. Simmonses from parallel Earths trying to outwit each other and those around them, became a truly fantastic show. This isn’t just because the 10-episode season featured double the J.K. Simmons (or “Simmonses”?), though sporting two copies of the Academy Award-winning actor is always a plus. No, Counterpart got really good because of how well (and how little) it relied on its parallel worlds motif. Season two, however, looks even better.

As the first trailer for the new season reminds audiences, Howard Silk Alpha (Simmons) and Prime (also Simmons) have essentially traded places. Alpha, who comes from the original Earth Alpha, has had to leave his days as a low-level member of a mysterious United Nations agency behind, resulting in his capture on the other side of the “crossing point.” Prime, a field agent from the secondary Earth Prime, has in the meantime ingratiated himself with Alpha’s life — including his formerly comatose wife, Emily (Olivia Williams).

Judging by the new trailer, however, Counterpart season two is on the cusp of taking its delicately handled parallel worlds storyline and throwing it all into a blender. That’s because, as evidenced by the preview, viewers will be confronted with two versions of many, many other characters — including Howard’s recently awakened wife, Emily. What it all means, and how it all makes sense, won’t be made clear until Counterpart returns on Sunday, December 9th.