Courtney Cox Finally Kills The Idea Of A ‘Friends’ Reunion

Friends was a pretty big deal when it was trolling around the halls of NBC’s Must See TV lineup on Thursdays. It inspired an entire look, catchphrases and it gave David Schwimmer to the world. It was so popular, there’s talk of a reunion every time one of the cast members appears on any talk show.

That’s what happened on The Late Show with Courtney Cox and a reluctant David Letterman (a guy I’m hoping will soon show up to work in golf clothes with a box of cigars under his arm). Letterman brings up the reunion and Cox outlines the entire fiasco, her attempted Friends dinners, and how everyone seems to have just moved on.

She makes a great point about the setting for a Friends movie too, noting how it makes no sense within the narrative setting of the show. Sex And The City sort of lent itself to the horrible idea for a movie because it was shot in that way and had that HBO background. Translating a multi-camera sitcom like Friends or Seinfeld would be horrible.

Fans should just be happy at all the fun guest appearances that have happened since Friends ended. And we all should be thankful for David Schwimmer, the savior of all media. You can probably catch his voice in Madagascar 5: Slamming Checks whenever your kids get out of school.

(Via The Late Show)