Courtney Stodden Posed Nude For ‘Girls And Corpses’ Magazine

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a story for The Awl about the “online world of flesh-eaters,” a.k.a cannibals. I dug deep into websites with names like the Cannibal Café, saw horrific pictures I’ll never be able to unseen, and even chatted with a real-life cannibal, who was looking for someone to eat him. That’s nothing compared to this:

Famous teen bride [Courtney Stodden] graces the spring cover issue of Girls and Corpses where she’s getting groped by a zombie while wearing nothing…but zombie. (Via)

Gotta give the magazine credit for finding the embodiment of the living dead; Courtney Stodden adorning the cover of Girls and Corpses is as perfect as Christina Hendricks on Buxom Redheads.

As for why the 18-year-old star decided to pose naked for the mag?

Doug Hutchison’s other half exclusively tells E! News, “Girls and Corpses is a silly, yet sexy magazine, which fits my personality perfectly. That’s why I did it.”

OK, that’s an annoying answer, but it’s missing something.

As for what it’s like posing with a corpse?

Stodden tells E! News, “It was definitely interesting, of corpse…hehe.”

BOOM. Ten babies died in the time it took Courtney “comments are disabled for this video” Stodden to choke out that pun. Really makes you think. But hey, thatz just Courtney being Courtney, y’all. Have u guyz seen her new music video? I think it was directed by Stefon’s trailer trash cousin.

The voice of a gen(ital herpes)eration.

(Via E!)