Craig Ferguson And Jim Rash Wrote The World’s Worst Joke For Joel McHale

To say that Community star/friend-of-the-site Jim Rash enjoys eating meat isn’t a double entendre (double entendean?) — it’s a fact. He’s not a vegan, unlike his bald doppelgänger, Moby (not to be confused with Not Moby). On last night’s Late Late Show, host Craig Ferguson suggested that to throw off those who confuse the two all the time, Rash should go to a restaurant and start downing “large hunks of meat.” That’s a much better sort-of prank than the joke Rash and Ferguson wrote for Joel McHale to use at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It begins and ends, “How fast…?” That’s the joke.

If McHale doesn’t use that, I know someone who might.