History Channel Just Gave Craig Ferguson A New Debate Show Called ‘Join Or Die’

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Fans of Craig Ferguson wondering what the next step would be for the former Late Late Show host finally have an answer. The Scottish comedian just landed a 16-episode order on the History Channel for a show called Join or Die, which will feature him and a panel of celebrities and history experts engaging in debates about “provocative and timely topics” such as presidential campaign flops and the greatest Founding Father. According to Deadline, the show will also engage with “the American public through social media,” which no one should ever do willingly when discussing politics or divisive matters of American history. Or anything else, for that matter. I mean, have you people been on Twitter lately? It’s a free-for-all in there. The interns on this show who have to dig through tweets for usable content on the show should get hazard pay.

In all seriousness, Ferguson’s greatest strength as Late Late Show host was his ability to somehow turn the standard (read: mind-numbing) late-night celebrity interview segments into fun, engaging, freewheeling discussions that touched on everything from… well, they really just touched on everything. Giving him a panel show like this seems like a pretty brilliant idea. Especially if he brings back the talking robots and dancing horses.

(Via Deadline)