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Last night on “The Late Late Show,” Craig Ferguson finally debuted his robot skeleton sidekick, the result of a back-and-forth on Twitter with robotics expert Grant Imahara of “Mythbusters.”

“After joining ‘the Twitter’ in February, Ferguson nicknamed his followers on the social media platform ‘the Robot Skeleton Army’ and joked on ‘The Late Late Show’ that he needed a skeleton sidekick,” the network said in a news release. “In turn, Imahara, a former animatronics engineer and model maker known for his work on R2D2 and the Energizer Bunny, kicked off a campaign for the construction of a sidekick on March 1 with a tweet that read: ‘I hear you are looking for a robot sidekick. I think I can help… for a price: get me 100,000 followers. If you can.'” [UPI]

Dubbed Geoff Peterson, the robot makes a couple brief appearances in last night’s terrific cold open (see first video below), before getting its first real test drive during the monologue (second video). And it’s an outstanding monologue: most of the jokes are about hobos or deadly robots. Those are two of my favorite things to make fun of, because neither of them are human.

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