Elliot Will Team Up With ‘Office’ Alum Craig Robinson in Season 2 of ‘Mr. Robot’

When we last left Mr. RobotRami Malek’s Elliot and f society had successfully initiated a hack of E Corp files that crippled the company’s systems worldwide. There were celebrations in the streets from people who were free of debt, and loans ensued while Elliot tried to piece together three days of his life that were mysteriously blank. Along with the disappearance of Tyrell and the continued appearance of Mr. Robot in his psyche, Elliot was left somewhat in shambles as he attempted to understand what his next steps should be and who was still in danger from his enemies at E Corp. Things were left at a pretty confusing crossroads with plenty of hanging storylines and many questions.

Now and as Season 2 ramps up production in New York City, USA made a potentially fun casting announcement. Craig Robinson, veteran of NBC shows like The Office and Mr. Robinson, will join the show in a recurring role. His part is described as “Ray…a neighborhood local who reaches out to Elliot in his time of need”, which is about as devoid of specifics as the rest of the news about Season 2 has been to this point. Could he be an undercover agent befriending Elliot on behalf of E Corp? Is he really as nice a neighbor as he claims, or does Elliot have a true friend whose motivations he doesn’t have to double guess for once?

Robinson isn’t the first intriguing casting announcement for the second season of the critically acclaimed drama. Up and coming rapper Joey Bada$$ will also be boarding the show as a friend of Elliot, which gives the troubled hacker way more friends than he had in the whole of the first season. The real question is whether all of these great guest stars are going to be enough to give the show another season of completely perfect Rotten Tomatoes scores.