Bill Burr Tries To Teach Pete Holmes To Be ‘Manly’ In The ‘Crashing’ Season 2 Trailer

Despite being yet another television series about the ups and downs of being a stand-up comic, HBO’s Crashing with Pete Holmes proved itself with a stellar first season featuring several stand-alone episodes. Earlier this month, the premium cable network announced premiere dates for the show’s second season — along with the Sarah Jessica Parker-led series Divorce — but provided next to nothing in terms of new images or trailer. This changed on Monday when HBO dropped the first trailer for Crashing‘s upcoming second season, which will open with “a night of New York debauchery” for Pete’s character.

Whereas former Silicon Valley star (and real-life friend of Holmes) T.J. Miller featured heavily in season one, this season will see Pete crash at comedian Bill Burr‘s place for a significant amount of time. Or at least that appears to be the case according to the new trailer, which sees the main character’s “puppy-dog eyes” act getting the better of the notoriously irritable Massachusetts comic. “Come on,” he tells Pete midway through the tease. “Just try not to fall down a manhole cover, you f*cking bumpkin.” Along with Artie Lange and Lauren Lapkus, who play Pete’s best friend and ex-wife respectively, Crashing also sports appearances by Dave Attell, Jeff Ross, Gilbert Gottfried, George Basil, Natalie Morales, Todd Barry and a host of other comedians and comic actors.

Even with the stellar supporting cast, however, Crashing‘s second season already looks like a winner with Burr’s inclusion. “Just treat it like an acting exercise,” he exclaims while trying to teach a nervous Holmes to be more “manly.” “Can you just f*cking try to guy it up?” Season two premieres Sunday, January 14th at 10:30pm ET on HBO.