‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Finally Reveals “Period Sex,” The Song The CW Wouldn’t Let On The Air

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was originally supposed to air on Showtime, and when it went to the CW, it was naturally assumed the show would dial it back for broadcast TV. Instead, it’s been a string of hilariously funny but also emotionally scathing toe-tapping musical numbers and power ballads, even winning the show a surprise Golden Globe for lead actress and mastermind Rachel Bloom. But, somehow, they finally managed to go too far for their network, with “Period Sex.”

They had a lot of fun with it on the air, teasing it and even getting a few seconds into the clip several times over the course of the season before another character derailed the whole thing. Because, really, why have your own TV show if you’re not going to ruthlessly tease your fans? As you might guess, the subject matter is a little pointed, although despite being “too hot for TV” mostly what appears to have gotten Rachel Bloom and her merry band in trouble with Standards And Practices is the green-screen work. The song itself, though, is the show at its best: Blunt, funny, and pushing boundaries. Although one admits to being a bit confused that this couldn’t pass muster, but, say, a song about peeling off somebody’s skin and wearing it did.

(via YouTube)