Creationists Are Pissed Off About Carnival Cruises’ ‘Come Back To The Sea’ Ad

You may have noticed Carnival Cruises’ new commercial that ran during the Super Bowl last weekend, the one that tried to lure people “back to the sea” — albeit in cruise form, not like mythical sirens who want to trick you into drowning yourself — because that’s where we all from, duh, in an evolutionary sense. Anyway, while it’s a bit of a stretch to say that people want to sit around on their butts on a floating luxury hotel because we’re all tied to the ocean since “all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood,” there’s really nothing offensive or out of the ordinary about the commercial.

Unless you happen to be a creationist, that is. Oh, those people are hella pissed off. And they are taking to Twitter, en masse, to express their EXTREME DISSATISFACTION. Here are just a few examples we’ve rounded up:

Looks like more weak, sugar-laden Pina Coladas and questionable AYCE shellfish at the cruise ship buffet for the rest of us!

(Via AV Club)