Creator Noah Hawley On ‘Fargo’ Season Two: It’s Going To Be ‘A Lot Bigger’

EW has an interesting interview with Noah Hawley, the creator of UPROXX’s favorite show of 2014, Fargo, about what fans should expect in season two. He said it’s going to be “a lot bigger,” with an “epic feel to it,” while still “holding onto that Fargo tone.” So: wood chippers, but, like, GIGANTIC wood chippers. Hawley also commented on what the story’s about:

It’s about a small-town married couple who find themselves caught in the middle of a war between the last of the mom-and-pop crime syndicates and an out-of-town new corporate crime syndicate. It’s about how the couple manages that situation.

An increase of main characters:

Last year, you could call it a four-hander — Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks, Billy Bob Thornton, and Martin Freeman were really the core. We’ve probably doubled that in terms of the characters that we’re really invested in this time. Their stories are all connected.

How Fargo won’t turn into Boogie Nights (sorry, anyone who wanted to see Landry’s dick):

North Dakota is the frontier, even in ’79. It’s a frontier mentality, and there is a Western feel to [the season]. It’s not the ’70s in a Boogie Nights way, but it was the hangover, the morning after the ’60s, the moment before Ronald Reagan came in with his “shining city on a hill.” The idea is this was the lowest moment in American history since the Depression.

And the show’s non-existent rivalry with True Detective:

I don’t really know what that is. I went to an Austin film festival this year and spent a lot of time with [True Detective season one director] Cary Fukunaga, who is a true gentleman and artist. I had a great time catching up with him. I don’t think there’s a rivalry. We weren’t even submitted in the same category at the Emmys. It’s not like we were competing with each other. We’re two anthological shows with great, cinematic ambitions, but I certainly don’t feel a rivalry—unless [Nic Pizzolatto is] trash talking me behind my back!?

MTV should resurrect Celebrity Deathmatch for an all-showrunner edition. Hawley v. Pizzolatto v. Chase v. Simon v. Milch v. Kohan v. Gilligan. My money’s on any of the Davids.

Via EW