Creepy-Ass Hollywood Offspring Coming to ‘Dexter’

05.10.11 8 years ago 13 Comments

Throughout “Dexter’s” run on showtime, audiences have sided with the murderous title character because he kills other serial killers. And now the Showtime hit has cast Colin Hanks — probably the most serial killer-looking actor in Hollywood — as a possible foil for Dexter in Season 6. But don’t expect him to murder anyone. Or rather, don’t expect his character to murder anyone. I totally expect police to find mutilated bodies under Hanks’s floor someday.

The specifics of Hanks’ role are being kept under insanely tight wraps. (His character description is not believed to be among the trio of new recurring roles producers released breakdowns for earlier this month.)

If Hanks turns out to be an adversary of Dex’s, it’s unlikely he’ll fit the mold of past baddies such as Trinity and the Ice Truck Killer, given what Showtime president David Nevins recently told TVLine about the show’s coming season. “It is not [about] one big bad,” he told us. “There’s one interesting story that will move through the season, and it will be cast very interestingly, but it’s not exactly that one person.” [TVLine]

Frankly, I don’t see why you’d ever cast Colin Hanks as anything but a serial killer. Pasty skin, creepy voice, son of Hollywood actors… he just looks like a guy who knows his way around a rape dungeon is all I’m sayin’.

ANYWAY, there’s also a new promo for Season 6 of “Dexter” (video below), which reveals no information about the new season whatsoever, except that “nothing can prepare you for what comes next.” And it’s true. There’s no way to prepare for seeing a close-up of Colin Hanks in HD. It’s chilling.

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