Creepy Kid Horror Comes To Network Television In ‘The Whispers’

Dude on the right, put on a shirt — there’s kids in the room.

Movie theaters have long been lousy with creepy kid horror, but so far TV has mostly been safe from the genre. Well, following the success of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story every schlocky horror movie staple is destined to end up on TV, and ABC has called dibs on “cute kids communicate with mysterious entities that want them to kill their parents” for their new series The Whispers.

The twist? The kids aren’t talking to ghosts, they’re talking to aliens! Except it will probably be a double twist and turn out they’re talking to ghosts after all. Or, I dunno, evil angels or something silly? You can check out a trailer below — it’s got Lily Rabe, so squint hard and it might look like a trailer for a new season of American Horror Story…

Looks pretty solid, but I’m usually tired of “eerie kids talk to themselves and draw creepy pictures” after a 90-minute movie. How they’re going to stretch this into an entire series, I’m not sure.  

via Bleeding Cool