The ‘Criminal Minds’ Writer Involved In The Role-Ending Altercation With Thomas Gibson Says His Piece

Thomas Gibson’s dismissal from Criminal Minds was met with some cheers and jeers, but the employee he got into a physical altercation with has yet to tell his side of the story. But that has changed as writer Virgil Williams told his version of events and said he “hopes the best for the guy.”

Gibson was initially suspended from the show after he was reported to have kicked Williams over some creative differences. But that suspension was not enough apparently, as he was given the boot soon afterward. It marked the end of his 11 year run on the show, but until now Williams had remained mum on the subject. But he gave his opinion on the subject during a workshop at Ghetto Film School Los Angeles described the situation and how it was difficult to write off his character:

“He came to me with a line change that he wanted. Because of this particular episode, the change that he wanted hurt the story. I offered him a fix. He didn’t accept the fix. He said, ‘Fix it so I’m happy’ and then walked off. It hasn’t been smooth. It was very abrupt. But we tried to do it seamlessly and move on. We’re going to keep moving forward and we’re going to keep telling great stories.”

People reported as Gibson stormed off looking for the showrunner, he kicked Williams in the shin. Williams, who himself was at one-time suspended from the show for raising his voice, snuck in a final slight saying Gibson created a hostile work environment but wished the best for him saying, “I hope that he’s getting time with his family. I hope the best for the guy.”

(Via People)