Cringe At All The Ways The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast Would Punish Those Who Spoil The Show

As someone who doesn’t buy into the whole “spoilers ruin everything” idea when it comes to movies and television, I am apt to rethink my stance after hearing some of these threats from the case of Game Of Thrones. They manage to range from tame to extremely sadistic in a matter of moments.

I believe that Rose Leslie and Gemma Whelan threw down the worst punishments because having anything cut off my body would be absolutely horrifying. Sophie Turner also got creative, saying that whatever was spoiled should reflect upon the punishment, meaning you’re proper f*cked if you spoiled the Red Wedding for anyone.

All of this sort of makes this upcoming season a little more dangerous. Hopefully no one hunts down the folks who spoil this Sunday’s premiere because it’s bound to be spoiled and I’m not too sure the punishment is going to be much fun.

(Via Digital Spy)