Croatian Film Commission Gives ‘Game Of Thrones’ The Green Light For Its Controversial Nude Scene

There was a bit of a kerfuffle on the Game of Thrones set in Croatia last week. As you make recall, the Croatian film commission had objected to a particularly important scene in the upcoming fifth season because it features a very naked Cersei Lannister in a fictional Westeros church, which would require the show to film a very naked Lena Headey inside a very real church in the deeply religious town of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Well, it appears the two sides have reached a compromise. Sayeth TMZ:

By order of the Croatian film commission, Cersei … played by Lena Headey … now hath the green light to walk the streets of Dubrovik in the nude — as long as she never sets foot in a church. […]

We’re told the film commissioners changed their initial ruling … upon realizing how much pleasantry “Game of Thrones” doth bring the townspeople. It also brings in a lot of copper pennies.

It must have been weird to be HBO’s lawyer in this negotiation. “The church is off the table, we get that. How about the streets? No? What about just two streets? One street? Come on, Ivan. You’re breaking my stones here. Okay, how about this: we shoot it in a fake church on our lot, then we use one of your streets, but it’s a side street, and then we spring for pizza? Yeah? Excellent. Always a pleasure, pal.”

Diplomacy in action.