Here Are The Most Memorable Celebrity Cameos In ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ History

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Curb Your Enthusiasm (which is available for streaming on HBO Now) has always been a vehicle for show-creator Larry David to star as a version of himself that is a bit less beholden to social constructs and modern decency. David is living his truest self when he’s on camera, essentially, but to pull it off, the show has had to fill the Curb show world with celebrity cameos that have served as an opportunity for other famous folks to play around with their image a little. And because that has been such an enjoyable thing to see, here’s a look at 10 of the best celebrity cameos in Curb Your Enthusiasm history.

John McEnroe, ‘The Freak Book’

John McEnroe


When Larry hired a limo to take him to Ted Danson’s birthday party, the driver ended up getting hammered and Larry ended up with the limo in his possession after having to drop the driver off at his house. The next day, the driver needed Larry to do him one more solid. “Can you pick up a client for me at the airport?” Larry reluctantly agreed, and the client ended up being McEnroe. The two of them ended up at a Paul McCartney concert, and while backstage with a room full of people, including McCartney’s wife at the time, Heather Mills, they managed to accidentally offend the entire party while perusing The Freak Book. “Who are you calling a freak, you bald f*ck?”

Rosie O’Donnell, ‘Denise Handicap’

Rosie O'Donnell


O’Donnell made cameo appearances in three different episodes of Curb, but none were more memorable than in season seven’s ‘Denise Handicap.’

In the episode, Larry asked Rosie to lunch, which by standard social rules, would imply that he would pick up the check afterwards. But O’Donnell was having none of that. Things then got physical, with Rosie beating Larry up in a crowded restaurant. At least, that’s what she would tell everyone, anyway.

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